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Family Strong Family Strong

Family Strong

“Family Strong” is a short documentary series that tells the stories of five diverse families from across the U.S. as they navigate an increasingly uncertain world. As the family unit becomes a last line of defense in difficult times, the docuseries provides an unvarnished look into the challenges facing American families and their efforts at keeping their families strong. The series is entirely constructed from self-shot footage as each family turns the camera on themselves and invites viewers into their lives.
4 minutes
Felicity Makes a Friend - Web Series Felicity Makes a Friend - Web Series

Felicity Makes a Friend - Web Series

Felicity Makes a Friend is a short web series about Shannon, a psychological assistant working towards becoming a therapist, and Felicity, an off-the-wall client seeking therapy to help her make new friends. Shannon finds out that her advisor, Dr. Davis, needs a “uniquely interesting” client to participate in his psychological study. Felicity would be perfect! However, Felicity will only participate in the study if Shannon agrees to be Felicity’s new friend. Over the next several sessions we watch Felicity and Shannon’s friendship grow- but Felicity seems to be hiding something, and how far will Shannon go to impress Dr. Davis?
28 minutes
A Few Minutes With Hailey Harper A Few Minutes With Hailey Harper

A Few Minutes With Hailey Harper

"A Few Minutes With Hailey Harper" is a comedic web-series that looks into the bizarre philosophies and experiences of Hailey Harper, a self proclaimed genius. The link to the series is a playlist on YouTube, be sure to watch the 2nd, 3rd and 4th episode too!
3 minutes
For the Record For the Record

For the Record

FOR THE RECORD follows a diverse cast of characters whose lives and relationships are interconnected by the music that has been the soundtrack of their lives. The music is the springboard for each story, inspiring and elevating those moments into indelible memories.
15 minutes


Wanting to save money for the upcoming wedding, a young couple — Olya and Stas — decides to rent out two of the three rooms of a Moscow apartment donated by their parents. Viewers will see how characters will learn to take responsibility for their decisions and actions throughout the season and make new true friends. The first own original series of the popular Russian social network Odnoklassniki (41 mln MAU in Russia).
24 minutes
From Beyond From Beyond

From Beyond

Arkham, New England, 1934. A scientist, after a horrifying discovery, shows his findings to a former colleague.
6 minutes
Ghost Story: It's Your Funeral Ghost Story: It's Your Funeral

Ghost Story: It's Your Funeral

An unapologetically dark tale told from the 2nd person point of view. Are you ready? Don't worry, you are.
14 minutes
Ghostwritten Ghostwritten


Ghostwritten is a short comedy series following a freelance writer as he enters the private homes of the bizarre people who've hired him to write their books. Created by Chrissy Shackelford. Directed by George Gross. Starring James Dwyer and Chrissy Shackelford.
7 minutes
Good Intentions Good Intentions

Good Intentions

Young single mom Sophia takes custody of her teenaged daughter Kyrah. The two try to re-establish their mother-daughter relationship as they face the threat of eviction. An intimate portrait of a family in transition where nothing is a given and where determination and fate collide.
7 minutes
GOOD MONSTERS; The Series; Episode 1-5  (English Subtitle) GOOD MONSTERS; The Series; Episode 1-5  (English Subtitle)

GOOD MONSTERS; The Series; Episode 1-5 (English Subtitle)

Short Form Dramedy Series Fritzi´s exciting 24 hours begin when she tries to rob her husband's dealer. Fritzi wants to catch her husband's drug dealer. She needs money for a private rehab: for the in-patient detoxification of her addicted husband. The drug dealer,  a small fish who wants to get out of drug trafficking himself, needs money to support his sick father in a nursing home. Together they hatch a plan to screw the “big boss”and get to some money. For Fritzi, the most exciting 24 hours of her life begin, during which she witnesses a murder, falls in love, gains great insights and at the end has to decide, with a bag full of cash, whether she really wants to save her husband? And this after everyone has sung their way through the big question, whether love is enough to save someone?
6 minutes
The Grind The Grind

The Grind

Welcome to Good Intentions Coffee, an independent coffee shop located in a city neighbourhood in the midst of change. It’s going from rundown and sketchy to an overpriced hipster haven. At the centre of it all are Karen and Ray, Good Intentions’ two baristas, who are known by all the shop’s regulars. Whether it’s hipsters, yuppies, or the occasional undesirable, all of their regulars have the same morning routine: they stumble out of their overpriced apartments to come by the shop for their usual order. From there, their lives can take any number of infinite turns. It could be a chance meeting with an ex, a fight with a bike thief, or a haunted apartment viewing, it always starts with their morning coffee. Karen and Ray have their own routine; brew the coffee, and watch the disasters that are the regular’s lives unfold.
11 minutes
Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

With bills piling up, slackers Alex and Nugget sign up for a lucrative medical trial and encounter a chaotic world full of professional lab rats, sadistic staff, bizarre side effects and drugs that have yet to be tested on humans.
To view all five episodes: PW - GP_Screener
10 minutes
Heavy Head Heavy Head

Heavy Head

Step inside the minds of people living with different mental health conditions. Each episode presents a new narrative with new characters that explores a different mental health condition. Heavy Head offers the unique experience of hearing what it's like to live with a specific mental health condition. Listen to learn more about the affect these conditions have not only on the person living with the condition, but also their loved ones.
27 minutes
Hogtown/ Ainsi va Manu - Episodes 2,3,4 Hogtown/ Ainsi va Manu - Episodes 2,3,4

Hogtown/ Ainsi va Manu - Episodes 2,3,4

Hogtown is a 7 episodes webseries. The story follows the journey of a single-parent family, coping with Toronto’s increasing housing precariousness. When Manuela,16, and her family are threatened to be evicted from their apartment by a real estate developer, she decides to fight back, in hopes of remaining in her neighbourhood.
37 minutes


After following her heart on a path that went awry, Leila returns to San Antonio fiery and determined to guide the reins of her honey-trapping business to a new level. With changes and growth come new challenges: a life-changing discovery of information withheld for years, an inquisitive new assistant, a suspiciously paranoid Charlie, a difficult client with arduous demands, and an unlikely work ally. This season Leila will be put to her own tests of trust and integrity. How will she choose? -Series created by: Felise Garcia
15 minutes
I DO - Season 1 - Episode 3 - "FREEDOM" I DO - Season 1 - Episode 3 - "FREEDOM"

I DO - Season 1 - Episode 3 - "FREEDOM"

I DO is a comedy about Zoe, a French woman immigrating in Brooklyn, who’s desperately trying to find a husband so she can get a visa and work as a Cabaret Singer in New York. Each episode explores a new screwball attempt of her trying to get married to an American citizen, as we explore the diversity of Brooklyn, through her naïve battle against the US immigration Process.
So in the six episodes of Season 1, Zoe will meet six incredible characters. They will offer to help her but will actually pose lots of crazy problems for her.
18 minutes
I wanna be an Influencer - WEBSERIES PILOT I wanna be an Influencer - WEBSERIES PILOT

I wanna be an Influencer - WEBSERIES PILOT

Cora , a forty something recently divorced brat, is trying to find hersfelf after losing everything. She is willing to do anything to be an independent woman, including being trained to become a famous influencer by a group of excentric losers.
20 minutes
I Wanna Be Single with You I Wanna Be Single with You

I Wanna Be Single with You

To finally move on after the end of a long-term relationship, a woman, scarred but not scared, begins to look for her new Mr. Right and struggles to find one. So she decides to have many.
10 minutes


Italy Sicily Gela is a 7 episodes web series that tells the relationship between the the towners and the fun. The protagonists of the episodes are citizens who believe in their city, in their land and who know how to get most fun out of their territory. Through the story of the seven “Gelesi” will emerge their desire to keep the city alive, despite its many contradictions, and the importance of fun as vehicle to their identity and turistic offer for the city.
8 minutes
It's Never Too Late by Nakia It's Never Too Late by Nakia

It's Never Too Late by Nakia

Animated lyric music video for the song, "It's Never Too Late" performed by Nakia, written by Nakia and Charlie Cotton, featuring illustrations by Ben Wu, animated and edited by Nakia
5 minutes
Josh's Global Sports Show Podcast- Episode 2: "All-In: Texas Hold 'Em" Josh's Global Sports Show Podcast- Episode 2: "All-In: Texas Hold 'Em"

Josh's Global Sports Show Podcast- Episode 2: "All-In: Texas Hold 'Em"

In this edition of  Josh's Global Sports Show Podcast, Josh takes a dive into the game known a s Texas Hold 'Em Poker, which is the most popular poker game in the world. He talks about the growth of the game since inception to 2003 and to where we are now featuring guests Emi, Jenna and Will Schroeder, Jennifer and Nick Masse, Nicole Giessinger, David Lofton, and Aaron Barone.  Featuring Music of Dean Martin, Lady Gaga, O.A.R., Electric Light Orchestra, The O'Jay's, and Kenny Rogers. Additional Media provided by Pond5. Clips furnished from 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Company, and Fuzzy Door Entertainment.  This is not for profit. All Rights Reserved 2022 by Memory Artists Studios.
37 minutes
The Kids From Hunts The Kids From Hunts

The Kids From Hunts

1965. Rikers Island. An inmate serving multiple life sentences meets his new prison psychiatrist. Sharp memories of dark, severe childhood abuse and violence are brought to light over the course of four tense meetings together. What is revealed will change both people more than either of them could ever expect.
14 minutes
La Rose Noire La Rose Noire

La Rose Noire

A rich suburban girl has to fight for her life when her brother sends a hitman after her to get her inheritence.
6 minutes
The Land Whale Murders The Land Whale Murders

The Land Whale Murders

The Land Whale Murders is a madcap comedy podcast following the adventures of gallant scientists as they battle evil in Gilded Age New York! The time? 1896. The place? New York City. The Four Elementals, a group of like-minded intellectuals, find themselves facing the wrath of Pirate Penny and the Blow Hole Gang. Murder strikes! Birds are released! Newly appointed police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt suspects a deeper and
darker foe at work! Things. Get. STRANGE. The Land Whale Murders is a fast paced alternate history comedy in the
spirit of Mel Brooks and Monty Python; a true delight for history nerds, science geeks, and anyone who ever wanted to stand up for what was right even when they were very bad at doing it. It’s an unserious show about some serious issues; a pastiche of Victorian detective novels, penny dreadfuls, early science fiction, farce
131 minutes
Last Resort Last Resort

Last Resort

What happens when you put a group of troubled (and often arrested) teen girls in a "therapeutic" boarding school with laudatory goals and a dysfunctional staff with a director who never lets ethics keep her down? This series is the story of parental frustration, imprudent staff, an owner who never met a law she couldn't circumvent, and girls learning to navigate their new environment.
6 minutes
Left of the Dial Left of the Dial

Left of the Dial

When a "War of the Worlds"-style on-air stunt goes wrong, a disgraced radio hotshot is forced to leave Los Angeles and move back home to try and resurrect her career at the station that developed her in the small town that resents her.
50 minutes
Legit Married Legit Married

Legit Married

When a Pakistani immigrant with big dreams of making it as an actor enters into a green card marriage with his privileged American friend, they get in over their heads as they scramble to move in together and prepare for their upcoming interview with the U.S. department of immigration.
15 minutes


Serie of 14 episodes (about 6 minutes each). Following the lockdown, Fred, a 40-year-old computer engineer, burned out. It’s LEIA program, an artificial intelligence life coach, that helps people get out of depression. While taking care of himself, he will try to sell his invention online.
1 minute
Like in Movies season 2 Like in Movies season 2

Like in Movies season 2

Minoru's friend, Hasmin, loves Hitchcock movies so much he finds himself wrapped up in a murder swap. Minoru and his geeky friends try to save Hasmin from the nut case who suggested the swap murder, but they find out that things aren’t exactly as they seem...
18 minutes
Little Black Book Little Black Book

Little Black Book

Little Black book tells the story of Tade, a brilliant business developer, who is trying to get her life back on track after a series of failures. Leo, a millionaire hotel entrepreneur who is defying the odds to keep his business in the green and a Little Black Book of gorgeous women, unfolding truths and hidden desires between them.
27 minutes
Long Island South Shore (Season 1.5) Long Island South Shore (Season 1.5)

Long Island South Shore (Season 1.5)

A mother, a daughter, an island off the east coast. Conflict of oppression and dominance. Both want to win, both will end up losing.
15 minutes
Lost & Found Cowboy - Season 2 Lost & Found Cowboy - Season 2

Lost & Found Cowboy - Season 2

Alone under Covid ‘‘lockdown” in Tokyo, Yukata Cowboy sinks into depression over his girlfriend’s departure. But his friends Lotte, a comedian in London, and Maribel, a flamenco dancer in Madrid, reach out to him over the internet. They encourage him to perform comedy and to learn flamenco. Together, they celebrate their friendship and conquer the loneliness of quarantine.
8 minutes
Lullaby Lullaby


After the families of the 12 richest slave plantations were all found massacred decades ago. An urban legend was spread that those families were cursed by the spirits of the slaves they brutalized and slaughtered during their sacrificial rituals. Decades later that urban legend resurfaces as family members of those 12 bloodlines are again starting to be slaughtered one by one and nobody knows how to stop it.
1 minute
Maestra Veneno Maestra Veneno

Maestra Veneno

Guidaí is a substitute teacher who arrives at a rural school that faces a great problem: the area is being fumigated with deadly pesticides. In a place filled with poison, where electricity, health and dreams are scarce, Guidaí will fight for the life of her students. Even though it will prove more dangerous than she ever imagined. Episodes:
9 minutes

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