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Date: Nov 20, 2022
Starts: 15:00
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Block #1

Silverspot Cinema

Silverspot Cinema

300 SE 3rd St #100
Miami, Florida 33131
United States
CINEMA 1: We will be screening the selections of creators attending Miami Web Fest at the Silverspot Cinema in downtown Miami .
Ticket Required:
Psyched! - Pilot Psyched! - Pilot

Psyched! - Pilot

'Psyched!' is a medical drama based on psychiatry. It follows the day to day lives of the staff and patients from a London Community Mental Health Team.
28 minutes


Moe the Mos travels to Miami to chop it up with Hip Hop Artist JadaBreeze. From childhood to present day, they explore the challenges and triumphs of Jadabreeze's journey through life as an Artist and Trucker.
21 minutes
The Tall Bike Joust The Tall Bike Joust

The Tall Bike Joust

Slightly misguided (but up for anything) people from various walks of life meet in a craft brewery's parking lot to joust on bicycles of double the normal height, raise money for a nonprofit bicycle shop that focuses on urban transportation equity, and to joyously celebrate life in all of its absurdity. Uniquely blending documentary and scripted elements, this very real tournament is presented by hosts from a SportsCenter-esque studio as though it is a live event of international significance—like the Super Bowl or World Cup—and the jousters hyped as the superheroes they so clearly are. THE TALL BIKE JOUST originally served as a pilot for SMART PEOPLE BEING STUPID—an unscripted TV/ web series traveling the nation to find intelligent and successful people who engage in random, silly, and seemingly pointless events the general public does not even know exists. But, given the success of this pilot and of the underground sport of tall bicycle jousting, this project also now serves as a pilot for THE TALL BIKE JOUST WORLD CUP—an arced series following five jousters from the pilot as they earn points in tall bicycle jousting tournaments across the southeast and strive to be crowned the year-end champion.
18 minutes
Adversity, Ep. 6 "Vee-Aye-Aye" Adversity, Ep. 6 "Vee-Aye-Aye"

Adversity, Ep. 6 "Vee-Aye-Aye"

The executive office door swings open…and veteran UBS TV executive MORTY is confronted by his new boss, who tells him the network is looking to nurture diverse viewpoints and has tasked him to mentor the diversity writers fellowship.

This demotion leaves Morty angry, so he knocks back a few drinks and vows to use these diverse kids to help him get a new hit TV show, and get back on top.

Meanwhile, the multicultural writers Morty will soon be ushering into the Hollywood fold have just viewed an orientation video narrated by a woman who claims to be the network’s first black employee and whose message sounds like a veiled plea for them to run far, far away.

But the new Mentees stay put and begin to speculate on who their new Mentor could be. Self-righteous LANGSTON believes it will be Spike Lee, and a desperate JESSICA hopes for Lena Dunham!

When a very late CHAD, who is seemingly white, straight and male, enters, the disappointed Mentees assume he’s their instructor. However, Chad introduces himself as the final mentee, and everyone’s confused as to why he’s in the program at all.

Back in the executive suite, Morty, perhaps for old time’s sake, or maybe even for good luck, gropes his secretary, then heads off to mold young minds.

Morty starts off on the wrong foot when he compares the Mentees to an ad for UNICEF, and manages to racially slander everyone, even when he’s trying to be complimentary! (In one instance, he compares Jessica, who’s Jewish, to Dr. Ruth, clarifying that it’s a compliment, because he schtupped her!)

Then Morty begins educating the dumbfounded Mentees on his four-step formula for writing a hit TV show. But all he does is end up championing actor Kirk Cameron, encouraging seeking funding from the Westboro Baptist Church, and classifying Donna Reed as a “hot piece of ass”.

Chad excuses himself, only to run into Jessica and MELANIE in the unisex bathroom, where they once again try (and fail) to get to the bottom of how Chad got accepted.

They return as Morty’s finishing his first day’s lesson with an inspirational speech on how he slept with Jeannie Shrimpton. Once Morty and Chad leave, the remaining Mentees bond as they hypothesize further on why Chad’s there and what his relationship with Morty is.

DWIGHT posits that maybe Chad’s there because he’s colorblind, which leads the Mentees to double-check the Diversity Program rules, where they’re bewildered to find that even a handicapped gay white male would be ineligible. This leaves militant Langston both angry and conflicted, as he always gets whenever he feels sympathy for white people, no matter how otherwise disadvantaged they may be.

And that’s just Day One of the UBS Diversity Writers Program. With no-holds-barred racist and sexist Morty at the helm, and having nothing to lose, it really may be the worst run diversity program ever!
15 minutes
Abracadavers: Season 2 Abracadavers: Season 2

Abracadavers: Season 2

Our friends have settled into a comfortable routine which is quickly interrupted when they’re brought to a halfway “camp” for people with special abilities. In the past they demonstrated an inability to control their powers and have been offered, more or less without a choice, the opportunity to learn how to control their powers under the guidance of more experienced power users.
9 minutes


(Pilot Episode) An AI robot and his owner make a living by hacking into computers and stealing important electronic files. During their usual escapade, they stumble upon a hard drive containing EP. But what is EP?
10 minutes


HANDSOME is a 6-episode, queer web series about a gay man in his early 30’s who has just ended a 10 year relationship. Now he has to navigate a modern dating scene he knows little about.
24 minutes
Jewbana Jewbana


Would YOU ask your mother in law what she really thought of You? Jewbana does! And it doesn’t go Over Easy- A sunny side up comedy about a Jewish girl yoked to a Cuban man and her scrambled perception of self. hatched from a Grade A honesty and Whisked by a medicinal pie! What could be more cracking ?
Whisked away by a medicinally infused pie , Jewbana embarks on a trip of a lifetime this It is an amorphous tale hatched from a hard boiled Story. Join this overdone Jewbana as she sees herself through the eyes of others. What could be more cracking ?
Jewbana was filmed in front of a live theater audience in which sat a few of her family members :)
5 minutes
Lucidity Lucidity


A young man named Michael Miller embarks on a journey to not only control his dreams but also his fears. With the help of a few friends he goes face to face with an evil group of entities whose mission is to invade the minds of humanity causing them horrible nightmares and psychological pain. But before Michael can defeat them he must first defeat his greatest enemy, himself.
8 minutes
Minimally Invasive Procedure Minimally Invasive Procedure

Minimally Invasive Procedure

When Robert Craig undergoes a transaortic valve repair procedure, twenty-one messages are left on his voicemail. Each message reveals a flawed man on the verge of a major life event.
16 minutes


MUAK ECO FIGHT is a digital fanzine. The season showcased focuses on the environmental struggle through interviews with various ecological participants.
There are animal rights activists, marijuana legalists, natural wine producers, or just regular people converted to veganism and urban folk went into exile at the countryside.
They all have in common a strong ecological conscience and act on a daily basis for the well-being of our planet.
MUAK ECO FIGHT takes the liberty of animating the different topics raised. The format features sketches by Gaston Armagno, cartoons by Maiana, and songs in karaoke mode, with Jakes on the accordion and the collaboration of famous poets from the Basque Country (Itxaro Borda, Eric Dichary and Jon Garmendia).
Presented by its creator, the entertainer and producer Jokin Etcheverria, accompanied by the punk comedian Ane Lindane, MUAK ECO FIGHT is a pocket format that evokes the style of the 80s fanzine, in a colourful digital version, all "made in the street and the garage".
Best Mobile Award Copenhagen Web Fest
12 minutes
Romp Romp


Jade, Michael and Stacey - a trio of young, queer, and amorous housemates - pursue love and happiness, but instead blunder their way through life in Sydney's heterosexual-flexible dating scene.
16 minutes


Once upon a time, bitches were soft. As fuck. Then the met boys, and learned that feelings are not allowed to be involved. In anything. That’s when SCHEJ (that’s Samira, Charli, Emma, and Jess) comes in. (They know it’s literally the worst girl-group name of all time, but they thrive in it.) SCHEJ gives the boys a taste of their own medicine. The art of scheming and getting revenge is that they have each other’s backs. Every. Time. But what happens when the baddest bitches alive start catching feels against their will? SCHEJ follows four young women as they navigate their relationships with each other, with men, and with rules. It shows the lengths women go to feel the intimate behind-closed-doors power that is so often associated with men. SCHEJ questions the scales on which sexual power is measured. Spoiler alert - no fairytale endings. They think…. right?
16 minutes
Scratch This The Series Scratch This The Series

Scratch This The Series

Described as The Three Stooges meets Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a dash of Monty Python for good measure. GoIndie TV calls the show, "Laugh out loud funny." The main theme of the show is "sisterly love gone awry" in which the best efforts of the three main characters to maintain civility quickly devolves as their habitual ways of relating never fail to take over.
Episode 1: SISTERLY LOVE crosses the line as Karen, Kaitlyn and Kristen get some tips from tennis pro Jaques. Episode 2: Ommm My God: Sisterly love gets wasted when the three sisters attend a retreat. Episode 3: Funeral Sisterly love goes cold when their mother does.
21 minutes
The Dating App Chronicles - FULL SERIES The Dating App Chronicles - FULL SERIES

The Dating App Chronicles - FULL SERIES

As Felicia gets older, she convinces herself that its time to find a "life partner." With the support of her best friends, she enters the dating app world for the first time. From hookups, to women, to married men. Felicia might be in over her head.
46 minutes
The Luxury Rental The Luxury Rental

The Luxury Rental

The Luxury Rental is a new sitcom-style short-form comedy series based in a luxury apartment building in Los Angeles. In each episode, savvy real estate agent Jade has one job; Lease a unit to prospective tenants. However, she also has one problem; Overcome the hilarious obstacle(s) that come with the job. We find that luxury is not always what it seems, and you don't always "get what you pay for."
11 minutes
The Making of a Man: The Making of The Making of a Man: The Making of

The Making of a Man: The Making of

In the summer of 2020, as the world got to grips with a global pandemic, a wealthy and anxious Aldrich Adams set out to make a movie about his life. With no experience in the film industry, he sourced a crew from Craigslist, quarantined them for two weeks, and then they got to work. This is their story.
4 minutes
Wasted Talent Wasted Talent

Wasted Talent

Cousins Alex and Theo have talent, big dreams, and a ton of pressure on their backs. Having just graduated college, Theo dreams of being an actor but realizes that it’s not as easy as the movies make it seem. Whereas, Alex tries relentlessly to appease her mom’s hopes of her becoming a lawyer, while also dreaming of becoming a songwriter. In this pilot episode, the cousins cope with their own external and internal pressures, understand the meaning of togetherness, and try to manage their insane Abuelo. Wasted Talent, looks to bring light to what it means to grow-up in your 20’s, and Latin/Immigrant narratives through humor and honestly. Through the course of the season, the cousins will each embark on their own paths of finding themselves, by trying to make the most of their talents, while also trying to fit into the harsh realities of how life really works. After all, no one really wants to be a grown up.
18 minutes
Berserka Berserka


When local authorities respond to a domestic distrubance in a suburban neighborhood. What they discover when entering the home turns out to be far more terrifying than they ever expected.
3 minutes

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