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NarcoLeap Season 2 NarcoLeap Season 2

NarcoLeap Season 2

When college student Kelsey Atkins unexpectedly begins to leap into the bodies of other people during her bouts of narcolepsy, she becomes a target in the deadly world of military espionage.
15 minutes
Nightmoor Manor Nightmoor Manor

Nightmoor Manor

In an affectionate spoof of classic Gothic Romances, a plucky orphan takes a position as a tutor for the niece of the brooding Lord of Nightmoor Manor, and opens the door on a world of intrigue, mysteries, romance and civet cats. One actor plays all the roles in a production filmed entirely on green screen in two rooms of an apartment.
7 minutes
Nomad 7 Nomad 7

Nomad 7

Daniel, an addicted playboy, after being killed by drug dealers, comes back to life. Daniel begins to hear voices and starts thinking he is crazy. After coming back from the dead, he starts to see life differently. He meets Liz, a college classmate who already noticed him from afar. They fall in love. While building a relationship with the voice, he faces his fears and becomes stronger. With a cold personality, the voice is unaware of any emotion. The relationship Daniel / Nomad concentrates on a single character the clashes: Reason x Emotion and Science x Believes.
10 minutes
One Door Over One Door Over

One Door Over

When friends try desperately to hold their group together, they may do more damage than they think.
15 minutes
Otherside Otherside


A Sci-Fi / Fantasy anthology webseries that dives into events that go beyond our imagination. Each stand-alone episode tells a different story. Each episode uses a different cast and crew. Episode 1: The Last Look A young astronaut, drifting in space, discovers the values and beauties of life when it's too late. Episode 2: Instinct On a cold, dangerous night in the park, the predator chooses the easiest prey guided only by it's instincts
Episode 3: Go Back A scientist has to put his life at risk to prove that our destiny is not only in the future.
9 minutes
Party Of One Podcast Party Of One Podcast

Party Of One Podcast

Every week on Party Of One, host Jeff Stormer sits down with friends for a two-player game to have some laughs, maybe a few tears, and a really good time. Party Of One aims to explore a variety of themes, playstyles, and emotional experiences often overlooked in tabletop gaming. By focusing on two-player games (also called One-On-One games or RPG Duets), the show is able to capture a sense of intimacy and intensity rarely seen in actual play. Episodes range from hilarious to heartbreaking, covering just about every genre and setting under the sun.
10 minutes
Phenomena (webseries) Phenomena (webseries)

Phenomena (webseries)

Phenomena fuses art and science together to explore naturally occurring patterns, and the fundamental forces of nature that create them, to take us on an ambitious, innovative, and psychedelic journey through the fabric of the universe. Filmmaker Josef Gatti recreates nine ‘phenomena’ to produce mesmerizing art films, which are then paired with an original music score by Kim Moyes from Australian dance music duo The Presets.
6 minutes


Every summer a select group of men and women are tasked with guarding the lives of countless families at the beach. A job that takes courage, selflessness, and dedication to a whole other level. These are not those men and women. No these are the other lifeguards. The Paul Blarts of the lifeguards. The Pool follows a group of community pool lifeguards who are lead by their “fearless” leader Larry aka the hopeless romantic. He is manager of the pool and while he may not be the strongest swimmer, he has the biggest heart. He is a hopeless optimist, living the life of his dreams as a pool lifeguard. Passionate is an understatement; When Larry commits to someone or something he dives in headfirst. Sure, he’d be lying if he didn’t admit to having his eye on that lucrative beach lifeguard gig, but secretly he knows he could never leave his best friends behind at the pool. A ‘straightforward’ thinking kind of guy, Larry loves his country, his whistle and watching a Notebook marathon on the Oxygen channel. How else would he know what love really is, considering his longest relationship has been with his best friend, Noah, aka the entrepreneur. Best friends with Larry. Slicker than sunblock on a changing room floor, some wonder how Noah can be so self-assured when he is a 30 year old assistant manager at the pool. He has thought about embarking on a string of business ideas, but then again that would be too much work. For Noah why work when you can sit poolside sipping on snowconearitas and playing go fish all day. He is his own man, living his own dream, living off his parents. Next up is the youngest of the group, Mel aka the lost one. Beneath Mel’s naive, innocent exterior is a naive innocent interior. But don’t be fooled, she can curse like a sailor - and drink like one too. Endowed with an overabundance of enthusiasm, she looks up to Larry.. and Noah.. and Karen.. and Chlorine Jan, and, well, pretty much anyone that can tie their own shoelaces. She dropped out of college to focus on being a life guard, in the summer. With grand dreams of being a WNBA star, she will only go as far as other people take her. The team is rounded out by Karen aka the mature one. The only one on the team who has a real job, and no we are not talking about lifeguarding. For nine months out of the year she teaches kindergarten. The other three months she babysits…Noah… and Mel…and Larry. Trying to keep these three in line is a full time job, especially when two out of the three people are her bosses. If she could teach year round, lord knows she would. Despite herself, she has a soft spot for the passionate who are determined. Hard working and by the book, she constantly finds herself at odds with the team. After coming off another failed attempt at running a community pool, the gang was fired. To everyone’s surprise, except for Larry, they have been given another opportunity at redemption with a new a pool. Things quickly go array when Larry shows up to work and finds that someone has shit in the pool. Things go from bad to worse, when local news anchor, Terrance Schander, decides to cover this story. Not only does Larry and the gang have the local spot light on them but they receive a surprise visit from a county inspector, who could shut them down before the evening even gets started. To ensure they don’t get fired again , Larry insists the team goes through lifeguard recertifications even though they have two years left on their certs. However, being prepared is not enough, why would it be, especially when the vandalization has escalated. In a last ditch attempt to catch vandal and with his back against the ropes, Larry organizes a stakeout at the pool. Will they catch the vandal….probably not but, one thing is for sure, they have a date with destiny. Unfortunately that date is with the “Monstars” of beach lifeguards. Larry and the gang must go head to head in a grueling competition of strength, athleticism, and of course a game of PIG. With bragging rights and relationships on the line, this is the most important day of teams’ summer.
9 minutes
Quorum: The Gambler's Tale: Outstanding Debts Quorum: The Gambler's Tale: Outstanding Debts

Quorum: The Gambler's Tale: Outstanding Debts

"Throughout history, there has always been a chasm between the bulk of humanity and the enigmatic circle who hold true dominion. Those whose influence remains shrouded, save for the rare instances when their designs cross into the outside world…" "Quorum" is an ongoing collection of interconnected tales who's narrators shift over the course of the story. This story, "The Gambler's Tale" focuses on a brash young gambler who unwittingly stumbles into the Quorums plans... and actual historical events in the world of gambling.
24 minutes
Quorum - The Messenger's Tale Quorum - The Messenger's Tale

Quorum - The Messenger's Tale

Bicycle messenger Swipe is on the final delivery of her career — transporting a set of vital papers to a government office by a five o’clock deadline — before moving ahead with long-delayed wedding plans. But forces intent on interrupting that delivery quickly move to oppose her.
29 minutes
The Real Tommy Unleashed Show The Real Tommy Unleashed Show

The Real Tommy Unleashed Show

The Real Tommy Unleashed on the IQ Podcast Network addresses entertainment news relating to veterans issues, public safety, and their involvement in music, literature, film, and television. in the Southern California and Nationally.
58 minutes
Retrograde Retrograde


A tight-knit coven of millennial witches invites a seemingly innocent outsider into their midst, threatening the intricate balance of their clique and unwittingly exposing them to powerful witchcraft. Caught up in the drama within their circle, they are left vulnerable to the malefic threats closing in and will discover that awakening real magick comes with dark consequences.
10 minutes
Rogue Tyger Rogue Tyger

Rogue Tyger

5,000 years into the future — in a corner of the galaxy where Earth is no longer known — humans and a dozen other sentient races have forged a civilization. Spacers brave the oceans of void between hundreds of worlds for power, glory, and simply to survive. This is the tale of one band of spacers and their ship: the Tyger. Join them for victories, defeats, and more than a few surprises along their journey.
14 minutes
Section, Marche! Section, Marche!

Section, Marche!

In Switzerland, land of peace and neutrality, military service is compulsory. In SECTION, MARCHE! we will dive in the Colombier Infantry Recruit School (Switzerland), meeting a group of soldiers and their officers. An opportunity to discover how these young people, including a woman, survive order and discipline and come face to face with themselves, their limits, their fears and aspirations.
80 minutes
Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles) Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles)

Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles)

Using Shakespeare's original text and characters, we shine a light on the human experience in a COVID-19 world.

Building on the success of the previous two seasons of the multi award-winning web series, Shakespeare Republic (2015-2017), this new season of the work turns the lens on Shakespeare's characters in lockdown, featuring actors from Australia and around the world.

Created, adapted and directed by Australian actor/director, Sally McLean (who directed all the actors in real time via video conferencing from Melbourne, as they simultaneously filmed themselves on their smartphones in their respective homes across 3 continents), we look through a myriad of windows from Australia, Scotland, England and the USA into the current shared experience of human beings in isolation. Reflecting a plethora of experiences in lockdown, including home schooling, YouTube bingeing, mental health, death of a loved one, Zoom dating and more, we train a lens on the shared human experience that connects us, despite our physical separation.

Featuring actors with credits from Broadway, the West End, Shakespeare’s Globe and mainstream Film & TV, both established and emerging ... this is deliberately Shakespeare with a difference..

Starring: Leo Atkin, Dominic Brewer, Don Bridges, Maya Cohen, Frank Collison, Tim Constantine, Mark Dickinson, Danielle Farrow, Laura Gardner, Jodi Haigh, Philip Hayden, Justin Hosking, Christopher Kirby, Emma Kniebe, Jessica Martin, Sally McLean, Mark McMinn, Robert Myles, Yolanda Ovide, Sarah Peachey, Miguel Perez, Sass Pinci, Phoebe Anne Taylor, Caris Vujcec

This season is ranked as the No. 1 Anthology Series for 2021 & in the Top 10 web series in the world (WSWC 2021)

TO SEE HOW THE SEASON WAS FILMED WITH NONE OF US IN THE SAME ROOM AT THE SAME TIME, with Sally directing all actors in real time from Melbourne, Australia via video calls as they shot their episodes on their smart phones, watch our short behind the scenes video here:


To see all our awards & screenings for this season to date, please go here:
14 minutes
Short of Breath Short of Breath

Short of Breath

Set in the days leading up to the election of Donald Trump, "Short of Breath" is a limited-run, four-part dramatic podcast series following the harrowing journey of a single mother and recovering addict who has just three days to secure a job and clean up her act, or risk losing her daughter forever.
110 minutes
Short Term Sentence Short Term Sentence

Short Term Sentence

Phil, a boring, play-it-safe teacher (who happens to be 4.5 feet tall) has his world turned upside down when his childhood friend turned world famous DJ stumbles back into his life.
15 minutes
Silva Lining's Care Plan Silva Lining's Care Plan

Silva Lining's Care Plan

Silva keeps a brain in the cupboard under the stairs. What will Karen the carer look after now - the brain or Silva? “Heart-rending and laugh out loud, a roller-coaster of an emotional journey”,
Alex Coulter, Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance

Nominated for Rockie Award 2022
Shortlisted Marlene Sidaway, Best Actress, BBC Audio Award 2022
Shortlisted Best Audio Fiction Series, Indie Series Awards 2022
Longlisted for the Woman’s Prize of Playwrighting 2020
1 minute
The Siren of the Apparition The Siren of the Apparition

The Siren of the Apparition

A family discovers their new home is inhabited by a mischievous entity.
9 minutes
Skeleton Crew Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew

In this special episode, we spend a day in the life of Gerard Medrano as he travels through the Skeleton Crewniverse--one which will end with him forever changed.
27 minutes
Muckey Landing Muckey Landing

Muckey Landing

One small town. One general store. Two idiots. That's Muckey Landing, population 876 and a half. It’s an odd little backwater in a lower, slower corner of the tiny state of Delaware, mostly known for being not too far from someplace you’d rather be. Professional curmudgeon Virgil Slatter and his none-too-bright business partner, Harmon Truesdale, own the Muckey Landing Market, Diner and Hardware Emporium at the corner of St. Jones and Broad; Virgil manages the grocery and retail side, while Harmon slings hash on the diner side and dreams up new recipes showcasing his favorite processed meat product, bologna. Harmon’s love for the ladies and enduring relationship with the fuck-up fairy is the catalyst for much of the action in Muckey Landing.

Like any small town, Muckey Landing has its fair share of colorful local characters. Luke Yoder and his elderly uncle, a pair of monosyllabic Amish weed farmers, drop by the store from time to time to buy parts or sell cheese. Police chief Neville Cheefe, fire chief Bunny Slatter and rookie firefighter Buck Firken argue about whether the series of mysterious fires around town are the work of terrorists or just your garden-variety spontaneous combustion. Psycho Bob, whom Harmon met during a brief overnight stay in the local slammer after a strawberry daiquiri-fueled birthday party, frequently pops in with his ex-Amish-turned-goth girlfriend, Raven, to make various threats on Harmon’s life for no reason that anybody can fathom. And Virgil and Harmon frequently spar with sarcastic über-receptionist Doral Bernstein, who seems to be the voice on the other end of the line every time they use the phone to check the time and temperature, report a gas leak, call for an ambulance, or take a lunch order.
15 minutes
Maestra Veneno Maestra Veneno

Maestra Veneno

Guidaí is a substitute teacher who arrives at a rural school that faces a great problem: the area is being fumigated with deadly pesticides. In a place filled with poison, where electricity, health and dreams are scarce, Guidaí will fight for the life of her students. Even though it will prove more dangerous than she ever imagined. Episodes:
9 minutes
Metta da fein Metta da fein

Metta da fein

Wonderfully monotonous peace reigns in the most beautiful village in the world until farm animals with severed legs are frequently discovered. The small community is thrown into turmoil. While some villagers believe in an old cruel legend, the local policeman Aldo tries to solve the mysterious case. The brutal murders start to increase - and with them the distrust of the villagers. The series of murders comes to a bitter end when disaster strikes at the village’s festivities.
21 minutes
MILES BEHIND: A Spider-Man Fan Film MILES BEHIND: A Spider-Man Fan Film

MILES BEHIND: A Spider-Man Fan Film

Miles Morales (Eb Mensah) is still trying to find his footing and voice as the new Spider-Man of New York City, while also keeping up with his regular life as a student and son of New York Police Officer Jefferson Davis (Charles Payne). An attempted mugging becomes a defining moment for Miles and his father as Spider-Man comes between the New York City Police and Peter (Ralphy Miracle), a young man tired of being marginalized and stepped on.
18 minutes
MILIZ! - complete series MILIZ! - complete series

MILIZ! - complete series

Helmut is in the midst of a personal crisis. His wife has thrown him out of their mutual home and Helmut has to move in with his grandmother. Since he is certain that only refugees can be the reason for his personal failure, Helmut gathers a group of vigilantes to fight back against what they think are foreign invaders taking over their country. Instead of regaining control over his personal life, Helmut now has a neonazi as bff who’s swamping him with relationship advice, which Helmut, prone as he is, cannot withstand. As the vigilantes try to force Helmuts ex to marry him in a suburbian standoff, Helmut is confronted with the fact that his life has jumped the rails and he has become a Nazi. But does he want to be one, and if not, will he be able to fight back?
7 minutes
(mis)placed (mis)placed


(mis)placed is a web series about the intersecting lives of twenty-somethings, all searching for love, work, and meaning in the world today.
Alyssa has found what she is looking for but her relationship with her mother stands in the way.
10 minutes
Mission to the Grey Hole Mission to the Grey Hole

Mission to the Grey Hole

It is 2268, and Kal O'Neil, Space Pirate Captain of the Mae-Jay is happily going about their intergalactic thievery blissfully unaware that the Cosmic Coalition is about to drag them into saving the future of the Universe from the Grey Hole, an Earth-made monstrosity that caused the Dismalocalypse and ushered in a century of Earth's exile from the Seven Cosmoses.
13 minutes
MONEY (What’s It Gonna Do 4 Me) MONEY (What’s It Gonna Do 4 Me)

MONEY (What’s It Gonna Do 4 Me)

A Whimsical rap parody about the rise and fall of a financial titan in America
4 minutes
Moonbase Theta, Out Moonbase Theta, Out

Moonbase Theta, Out

It is 2098. The Moonbase program has been determined unprofitable. The last base, Theta, is twenty weeks from being decommissioned. Most of the crew is in stasis awaiting retrieval. Five remain – Roger Bragado-Fischer, Nessa Cheong, Ashwini Ray, Michell L’Anglois, and Wilder.

Join the crew of Moonbase Theta as they reach out to share the beauty, the isolation and frustration, the love and enmity, the humour, and the tragedy, as all count down to the operation’s end ... and then beyond.
5 minutes


A young girl, who suffers the negative effects of the violence of father towards his mother, he succeeds, taking refuge in most delicious fantasies, to give the mother a different interpretation from that which, in some way, forces itself to live. During his fantastic journey he meets a hatter, who in repair the dolls, repair slowly, slowly even his heart and that of the mother, giving the opportunity to see the more part brilliant of this magical existence. a cathartic journey where the hatter takes on the appearance of a deus ex machina, that Greek god who, by magic, gave the positive side to each tragedy. thanks to these magical elements, which in the short live in parallel with the dramatic elements, you manage to grasp all the courage and desire for a human being who desires cross the path of change. a possible change a all.
15 minutes

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