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Landscapes around the world are being changed by human activities, from melting glaciers, to warming and rising seas, to the spread of invasive species. With scientist and National Geographic Explorer Alizé Carrère as our guide, ADAPTATION tells the story of communities in four parts of the world who have devised remarkable ways to confront – and surmount – the imminent environmental crises they face.
1 minute
Ana Beirut (I Am Beirut) the series Ana Beirut (I Am Beirut) the series

Ana Beirut (I Am Beirut) the series

"Ana Beirut" is a series of experimental poetic portraits created by 9 Lebanese audiovisual artists exploring themselves and the city they live in: Beirut “Ana Beirut” is a series conceived & produced by Home of CIne-Jam within an intuitive film lab program conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss. Each artist is invited to create an episode of the series. Here are the artists of 2021 #Anabeirut: Ghina Abboud Marie Rose Osta Amar Sokhn Bachir Asmar Jean Pierre Abdayem Gilbert Karam Valentina Khawand Aline Ouais Sherine Raffoul Home of cine-Jam film-lab aims to reconnect artists with their intuitive creative powers. The purpose of this program is to celebrate the existence of local independent artists, guide them to portray their emotions through audiovisual arts in a free cinematic language and Empower them to embrace their own language and unique way of expression.
2 minutes


ANGER is a 12 part audio / visual experience which follows the adventures of Queen Elizabeth II into a post-apocalyptic Covid-riddled world. I wrote and produced this during the global lockdown of 2020, in collaboration with creatives in the UK and Germany, also stuck at home on their laptops. This medieval / sci-fi nightmare is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the post-truth age we are living through. Covid-19, Brexit, the British class system, monarchy, mental health, free will and suicide are dramatised in this work. As the “Leavers“ rush to escape their human bodies by transforming into mech-organic creatures, the “Remainers“ scramble to find some way to survive without them. Armies of Key Workers toil on through the toxic haze and disease, as the elites reveal their new immune bodies to the applause of the global media. Elizabeth, lost and unrecognisable in this new world, would catalyse a transformation quite unlike the others - a being which would change everything.
27 minutes
Anna Anna


A blind painter relieves her past by returning to her old workshop
5 minutes
Apollyon Apollyon


Roughly 150 years in the future, the Apollyon virus has wiped out 75% of the world’s population, and a majority of the remaining countries are governed by the International Conglomerate of Research Scientists.

Dr. Theo Ramsey is an ICRS research scientist who may have just discovered an effective vaccine for Apollyon, but the stakes to get the vaccine to the public are higher than she ever imagined.
34 minutes
The Arena - season 2 The Arena - season 2

The Arena - season 2

After losing her job as a seamstress and having trouble to pay her bills at the end of the month, now, Frederique works as housekeeper in a gym where she became friends to a 10 year younger rapper, Ivy. The announcement of a rap battle tournament where the winner will win $3,000, will push her to make the feat to survive to this new exercise.
13 minutes
Arthur - second season Arthur - second season

Arthur - second season

Two serial killers on the run. A woman scorned, wanting revenge. An FBI agent on a lifelong hunt. A dwarf who knows far too much. Amidst car chases, love and torture, secrets and life-changing revelations, Arthur’s story continues: will he follow Zed’s example and resume his life as the amiable killer-next-door? Or will he finally break free from his “unsavoury hobby”?
74 minutes
The Bar The Bar

The Bar

Ex British Army Military Police Detective and private security veteran, Logan McDonnell retired to Bali after fifteen years protecting Russian oligarchs and minsters, and several Indonesian generals, followed by a very successful spell as a venture capitalist. Opening a small, discreet bar, he anticipated a henceforth relaxed life on the Island of the Gods. Unfortunately, his ‘wee bar’ attracts a collection of misfits, quirky individuals, troubled hearts and others trying to escape their past – or future – leading to a series of complex dramas which eventually spill outside The Bar...
25 minutes
& The Bathroom & The Bathroom

& The Bathroom

& The Bathroom is a microseries about two roommates who grapple with the adult responsibilities of love, employment, and mutual understanding in a universe composed entirely of bathrooms.
6 minutes
Berserka Berserka


When local authorities respond to a domestic distrubance in a suburban neighborhood. What they discover when entering the home turns out to be far more terrifying than they ever expected.
3 minutes
Best Before Best Before

Best Before

Fred is unable to finish is thesis on Nietszsche. Out of money, he gets a job as the night-shift janitor in a 24h grocery store. Full of strange costumers and even stranger staff, the grocery store eventually helps Fred find what his real place might actually be.
71 minutes
Best Friends Forever  The Radio Play Best Friends Forever  The Radio Play

Best Friends Forever The Radio Play

Genevieve and Molly meet for the one - year anniversary of the death of their best friend, Amanda. Convinced that Amanda has been trying to contact her from beyond, they bring out the Ouija board and soon discover Amanda has her own long range plans for their future.
90 minutes


In the cyberpunk period the Police of Starica City have become even more professional. But the criminals in Russia are not standing still either - they have become very honest. In this video, you will see a tangled case that would have gone unsolved without help of the cyber dog.
10 minutes
BlackArrogance! BlackArrogance!


BlackArrogance! is a documentary series that illuminates the world of the Black artist. The show paints a picture of not only how Black artists shape the world but also unveil their everyday muses. The series profiles Black artists from each and every borough in New York City who create in all different mediums: visual art, dance, filmmaking, animation and more. Each short documentary delves not only into the artist and their creative process, but it ties their practices to indigenous art forms and culture that fall within Black cultural heritage. It is meant to equip viewers with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Black artistry and culture but through a casual coffee table approach and vocabulary, making Black art history accessible to the public.
12 minutes
Burner Face Burner Face

Burner Face

In the year 2121, Seattle is an oasis on a hostile planet. A quantum computer named PLATO manages public health, climate change, and the economy for Puget Sound's physical and virtual citizens. But a shape-shifting entity threatens Seattle's hard-won "Peace with Lifestyle". Born of a fusion of Artificial Intelligence -- and magic -- the entity has attacked quantum systems in Japan and Spain. Now it has come for PLATO. To save Puget Sound, PLATO enlists a chimera cat, a casino card dealer, and a virtual human twin. Together, they pursue a digitized ghost across Seattle to the most important blackjack game ever played.
2 minutes
Can't stay, can't go Can't stay, can't go

Can't stay, can't go

It's a story about feelings, sex, and loneliness. About a common lack of social communication, tactility, and intimacy. About the pandemic and the global lockdown we all went through. After a pretty hard breakup Bai Lu (Yang Ge) escapes to Berlin for a couple of days - but now she is stuck there, apparently for months, since all the borders are closed due to the pandemic. Bored and lonely, she finally makes a desperate move – she decides to find a boyfriend without leaving home. Meanwhile in Moscow, the lockdown takes her friends by surprise. One girl becomes an abandoned bride, the second experiments with a webcam because she simply needs money, and the third, on the contrary, has it all - two kids and a lot of work to do.
16 minutes
Captain Massive Captain Massive

Captain Massive

When an aging super hero's obsession with his young secretary leads to the murder of a celebrity dietician, Captain Massive and his roommates embark on a pointless journey of self discovery, where nothing is gained and no one learns a thing.
11 minutes
Carcerem Carcerem


Carcerem is a completely original audio drama series featuring a full cast, original music, and immersive sound design. More like a movie than an audio play, this captivating fantasy series puts you in the middle of the action. Featuring sword fights, monster attacks, giant battles, heart-break and humor, the first season features 32 episodes with over 120 characters. "In Aaru, a land torn apart by a fear of magic, and ruled by brutal mercenaries, two young friends leave the only home they’ve ever known to find the one who could save them all."
42 minutes
Caroline Caroline


Feeling anxious and insecure about her first solo show, professional artist Caroline teeters on the brink of canceling a performance and compromising her dream of being an individual artist in her own right. As Caroline's crisis of confidence deepens, she begins to lash out at M.K., her assistant, which leads to M.K. quitting right before the Private View, forcing Caroline to perform alone and ultimately triumph over her personal doubts to find success on her own terms.
23 minutes
Claire-ity Pilot Episode Claire-ity Pilot Episode

Claire-ity Pilot Episode

Claire Vanguard (Marybeth Massett, Ray Donovan, The Social Network) is an Ultra-Conservative woman living in Malibu whose husband leaves her for a 'Hippie' Left wing 'granola grandma.' Claire decides the best revenge is a successful life and decides to run for public office. Claire seeks the endorsement of her friend and Republican 'King Maker' Suzanne Mercer(Linda Purl, The Office), the wealthiest Republican on the west coast. "If I could get DT elected anything is possible!" Wackiness ensues.

At the top of the Pilot, we meet Claire at an impasse in her 25 year marriage. In fact, Chester (Tom Jenkins, Oppenheimer, Yellowstone) is leaving Claire this same day. And while Chester looks to be embarking on his mid life crisis, he’s actually running away with an older progressive woman with whom he’s found a connection. What Chester doesn’t realize is that Deborah(Joan Sweeny, Follow the Prophet) will be introducing him to a brand new world, the world of the wild ‘Liberal Hippie. ‘

While attending a fundraiser hosted by longtime Republican operative Suzanne Mercer, Claire tells Suzanne of her aspiration to ‘give back’ as a public servant. An endorsement by the powerful Suzanne would ensure Claire’s candidacy is taken seriously, Suzanne having been key in Donald Trumps election success. During the fundraising for ‘Arms for Teachers’, Claire meets her future campaign manager Tony, and he charms his way into Claire’s life. Unbeknownst to Claire it appears Tony is a Federal Agent. Claire prepares to become the candidate, and meets with her new Campaign team. Per Tony’s instruction, Claire attends a rally in downtown Los Angeles. And much to Claire’s chagrin learns it is an anti gun rally.

Chester has also been immersed in his new environment. Deborah does her best to introduce him to new food, progressive concepts and causes like saving the Bees.
She takes Chester to the Hippie Compound where their spiritual guru Jocelyn King
(Alexandra Grey, Empire) is leading a retreat. Chester obliges and tries Vegan food and Rolfing techniques that are aimed at releasing deep emotional trauma, but mostly he wants to be with Deborah.

Suzanne does in fact, endorse Claire—But Claire is stunned by Suzanne’s offer and support at a Senate run. “The state needs us!” Suzanne also charges Claire with the huge task of getting Chester to move home. Suzanne tells her, “I don’t care how you do it, you’ve got to get that cock sucker back under this roof. We can’t run a campaign with whatever is going on with he and that little twat hippie-cashier.”

The final two episodes involve Claire and Suzanne’s attempt to get Chester to move home so that Claire’s Senate run will be sanctified at least by the appearance of a strong marriage. However, Suzanne and Claire’s plot fails and Claire accidentally burns Deborah’s house down and Chester, Deborah and Jocelyn must move in to Claire’s mansion with nowhere else to go. At the end of season one, everyone is living under one roof. One big happy…
22 minutes
Colour Blind Colour Blind

Colour Blind

A self-proclaimed visionary in the world of ethnic casting, Gavin’s life mission is to bring all the shades of the human palette to our screens. However despite his best intentions, Gavin’s whiteness is glaring as he blunders through situations of cultural sensitivity with little to no understanding of the people he seeks to promote.
5 minutes
Combattre Combattre


After a horrific incident sends his brother into a downward spiral, an MMA fighter, Marc, battles to redeem himself while seeking revenge for his brother. Six months later, Marc still finds himself looking for answers, while his brother, Casey, just wants too numb his suffering and forget. Marc had planned to leave fighting behind him, but getting get back in the cage is the only thing that can save them both.
5 minutes
Complete Time Travel Guide Complete Time Travel Guide

Complete Time Travel Guide

Three friends meet at their usual bar and a severe confinement is declared, one which will force them to stay inside the bar the whole night. But when they smoke in the back part and come back to the bar everything seems to have changed: they have travelled in time!
12 minutes
Cooking With Kyssara | Trailer Cooking With Kyssara | Trailer

Cooking With Kyssara | Trailer

Viewers will join young Kyssara as she embarks on a journey of delicious delights, and see that cooking can be fun and easy! Kyssara introduces a few healthy and delicious recipes. She also ventures to new places in Alberta and British Columbia to learn more about supporting local businessess. It is a story of love, of community and of visual poetry, passed down through recipes.
1 minute
Dark Dice Dark Dice

Dark Dice

Having failed to save the world, five weary travelers try to find their way home... But something sinister pursues them in the Dead Pines.
14 minutes
Decolonizing History Decolonizing History

Decolonizing History

Decolonizing History features 10 little-known chapters from Quebec and Canada’s history, told through the perspective of BIPOC communities and individuals. It is a unique way to discover insightful facts, historical characters and significant events. It is a first step towards better understanding, better awareness and building a collective history that includes all voices.
10 minutes
Dentists Dentists


A struggling actress pretends to be a dentist on a night out and accidentally hooks up with a real dentist. As their relationship flourishes the lies get worse, and hilarity ensues.
5 minutes
Detention Adventure, Season 3 Detention Adventure, Season 3

Detention Adventure, Season 3

Season three finds the Detention gang sent to island school; a remote educational camp in the woods of Ontario that may just be the key to their new mystery. With no cell reception, twenty-four-hour supervision and three other schools to compete against, how will they unravel Lawren Harris’ mystery?
14 minutes
Dice Tower Theatre Dice Tower Theatre

Dice Tower Theatre

In this season's finale, our heroes prepare to defend their ancient stronghold of Garnet Keep, high in the mountains against the forces of the approaching Dark Army. Join Keldor, Knight of the Glen Valley as he narrates his experience on the battlefield. He knows they will face brutal mercenaries and fearsome Dragons alongside brave friends and family in this battle, but more importantly the struggles of the heart that lie within themselves. A story based on the events of a tabletop roleplaying game, but now presented as a fully produced audio adventure.
10 minutes


A dystopian future in Mexico City, where COVID19 virus gets out of control and massively infects the city. Solo and Sola, two survivors search for a reason to move on in this desolate city. . . . A 6 EPISODE WEB SERIES - SINOPSIS . . PHASE 1: PROPAGATION. After tripping during an earthquake in Mexico City, SOLO wakes up days later to find a desolate city. PHASE 2: CONTAINMENT. SOLA, another survivor, decides to leave home after days of confinement in search of a radio signal. PHASE 3: DISPERSION. SOLO and SOLA meet, a recklessness of SOLO puts them both at risk. PHASE 4: CONTAGIOUS. A virologist experiments with neighbors and friends in the search for a vaccine for this virus, through his personal recordings we see how his research is progressing. PHASE 5: DESPAIR. SOLA and SOLO meet the virologist, he tries to manipulate and deceive them in order to experiment with them. PHASE 6: DEVASTATION. SOLA and SOLO know each other better, due to SOLO's clumsiness, she decides to take extreme measures.
10 minutes
DisGraced DisGraced


Darkly Comedic Webseries. Five years after her big break turned out to be a big flop, a struggling actress must ask herself how much humiliation she's willing to endure for another chance to make it.
8 minutes
Doctor Faustus Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, commonly referred to simply as Doctor Faustus, is an Elizabethan tragedy by Christopher Marlowe, based on German stories about the title character Faust. It was written sometime between 1589 and 1592. We filmed it in Canterbury where it was written by Marlowe. We were lucky to film it in Greyfriar's Chapel in the exact room where 420 years earlier Marlowe studied as a child. This webseries is Mari Lewis's directorial debut.
12 minutes
Domesticated Domesticated


Noncommittal Russell finally meets the girl of his dreams, but immediately self-sabotages by sleeping with Louie the duck. Homeless, but charismatic and self-interested, Louie stays in Russell’s home after their one night stand. Russell’s longtime housemate, Jacques, struggles to understand how he can help his friend when it turns out that Russell fell pregnant to Louie that night.
7 minutes
Don't care to share Don't care to share

Don't care to share

an independent Series about an alternative support group for people who have been cyberbullied and went through shaming on social media. on the first episode a new member joins the group following a court order, as a person who was responsible for another teen suicide and needs to attend these meetings as part of her sentence for community service . the whole group dynamics is being interfered as a result. will the group survive the new presence? the first season of this series consist of 8 episodes. each episode opens with one of the characters monologue about their situation and what got them to the group in the first. place.
54 minutes


Dopamine is a comic-style documentary web-series that decrypts the techniques used by major apps to make their users completely addicts.
6 minutes
Down Bad Down Bad

Down Bad

Down Bad follows three childhood friends with their own trials and tribulations as they navigate life in small town America.
29 minutes
Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia

Dread and Breakfast: Thalassophobia

Dread and Breakfast is horrifyingly pleased to present an excerpt from our larger story entitled “Thalassophobia.”

Ahoy, maties, and welcome aboard The Charlotte! We’re taking this podcast onto the high seas and back to the long-ago year of 1994. Join the Penn Family Salvage crew as they attempt to recover a very unusual treasure for a very unusual client. Featuring Captain Eugene Penn, who’s looking for a treasure of his own; Henry Hornwiffle, who’s looking for a whale shark; and Billie, who’s looking to blow some stuff up.

Detailed audio credits can be found at
30 minutes
Dream Big by Nakia Dream Big by Nakia

Dream Big by Nakia

Official music video for the song, Dream Big, written by Nakia & Bleu. Produced by Joshua R. Pangborn. Cinematography by Catalin Stelian. Directed by Nakia & Catalin Stelian
3 minutes
The Drive-Thru Therapist The Drive-Thru Therapist

The Drive-Thru Therapist

A comedic web series that explores the variety of individuals who seek therapy for their mental health, via the uncommon format of shorter sessions at a drive-thru window run by an energetic and aspirational Dr. Sylvia Morris. Season 1 has 6 episodes each featuring a different visitor to Sylvia's therapy window.

Is Sylvia in over her head? Or will she channel the strength and resilience needed to maintain her entrepreneurial pursuit while attempting to help the range of characters who visit her window?

5 minutes
The Endless Elsewhere Podcast The Endless Elsewhere Podcast

The Endless Elsewhere Podcast

When the calls to her late-night, paranormal radio show go from strange to stranger, host Lindsay Mallyn launches an investigative podcast to explore the mysterious happenings. Unable to do it alone, however, she recruits the infamous JP Leck, a disgraced archivist and the keeper of curious lore. Together they will uncover terrible secrets, delve into forbidden realms, and do battle with otherworldly creatures.
30 minutes
The Ensemble Experience The Ensemble Experience

The Ensemble Experience

Every year, thousands of dancers attend intensives to learn what it takes to be one of the Holiday Follies, the stars of the most famous Christmas show in the world. For the first time in history, the show's not-so-famous Ensemble is holding an intensive of their own.
In this pilot episode, "Here Comes the Ensemble", we meet the team behind the intensive, as well as the many Ensemble hopefuls who are getting ready for the big week ahead.
Inspired by true ensemble experiences, The Ensemble Experience is a mockumentary series that sheds light on all of the hilarious hardships performers go through to fulfill their dreams.
7 minutes

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