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Date: Nov 20, 2022
Starts: 15:00
Ends: 19:00
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Block #2

Silverspot Cinema

Silverspot Cinema

300 SE 3rd St #100
Miami, Florida 33131
United States
CINEMA 2: We will be screening the selections of creators attending Miami Web Fest at the Silverspot Cinema in downtown Miami.
Ticket Required:


The pursuit of perfection is futile… or is it? Dr. Daedalus, an ambitious neurologist, invents a personality and talent transplant procedure. He lures two young-adult candidates, Grace and Josh, from opposing socioeconomic classes with a promise of a better future. 2 years later, Daedalus faces rising tension as the highly controversial procedure will soon be available to the public. Grace and Josh begin experiencing unexpected life-altering effects of their irrevocable decision. As secrets start to slip, the truth about Daedalus's insidious plan to immortalize his legacy is revealed. Morality, pursuit of perfection, and the quest for acceptance will be explored in the series, while also examining ethical implications of innovation that might soon enable us to create the perfect human.
30 minutes
Springtime Forever Springtime Forever

Springtime Forever

After the sudden death of her husband, Glady is left to fend for herself in an unrecognizable New York City. At her husband’s funeral she reconnects with her granddaughter, Sophie, and she appears to be her only ally. Glady owns a painting that is worth millions and she starts to notices anomalies in her apartment that are evidence of pending foul play. She has to decide who to trust and who to keep at a distance. She is forced to fight her own battles and as result will learn to survive on her own.
21 minutes
Trace Me Trace Me

Trace Me

Fresh out of rehab and completely broke, Mark is fighting to stay clean in a world where privacy only exists as a luxury for those rich enough not to sell it.
21 minutes
Toxic Shock Toxic Shock

Toxic Shock

A pilot episode of an upcoming series that follows the drama between two local girl groups and the unique rivalry between them and their mission to be the biggest band in a city that most people haven't even heard of.
23 minutes
The Bar The Bar

The Bar

Ex British Army Military Police Detective and private security veteran, Logan McDonnell retired to Bali after fifteen years protecting Russian oligarchs and minsters, and several Indonesian generals, followed by a very successful spell as a venture capitalist. Opening a small, discreet bar, he anticipated a henceforth relaxed life on the Island of the Gods. Unfortunately, his ‘wee bar’ attracts a collection of misfits, quirky individuals, troubled hearts and others trying to escape their past – or future – leading to a series of complex dramas which eventually spill outside The Bar...
25 minutes
FCK (Friends Can't Kiss) FCK (Friends Can't Kiss)

FCK (Friends Can't Kiss)

When two gay best friends, Ben and Matthew, accidentally sleep together, are they dating? Are they still friends? What’s supposed to happen next? Meanwhile, Leigh’s been doing everything to coerce her long-term girlfriend, Julia, into allowing a third into the bedroom. Unfortunately, Julia’s waited until the last moment to confront her girlfriend about it. Literally, the last moment: the guy is standing in the living room. What the fck are we supposed to do now? FCK (Friends Can’t Kiss) is a web series about young queer adults navigating loving, unconventional relationships in conventional, hetero New York.
24 minutes
Ratt's Life (Series) Ratt's Life (Series)

Ratt's Life (Series)

With two weeks left to live, Anthony "Ratt" Bastid hires a camera crew to document his life story. Diagnosed with a terminal illness, he teams up with a sleazy lawyer to sue his doctor, all while trying to start a family. What results is a tragicomic portrait of a lovable loser.
22 minutes
The Leviathan Chronicles The Leviathan Chronicles

The Leviathan Chronicles

The Leviathan Chronicles is a full cast audio drama about a race of immortals that have been secretly living in a hidden city called Leviathan, deep under the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, the utopian society has existed in peace, gently influencing world events on the surface. But soon, a civil war erupts between the immortals that wish to stay hidden, and those that want to integrate fully with the rest of mankind on the surface. A clandestine division of the CIA known as Blackdoor discovers the immortals’ existence and seeks to eliminate the perceived threat that they represent to U.S. sovereignty. Soon, a three-way war erupts across the globe as each faction fights for supremacy, leaving the fate of the world hanging in the balance.
7 minutes


EL LAZITO is a theme that deals with the call of attention that the earth, the jungle, the mother earth makes to man to stop depredating it.
5 minutes
Lullaby Lullaby


After the families of the 12 richest slave plantations were all found massacred decades ago. An urban legend was spread that those families were cursed by the spirits of the slaves they brutalized and slaughtered during their sacrificial rituals. Decades later that urban legend resurfaces as family members of those 12 bloodlines are again starting to be slaughtered one by one and nobody knows how to stop it.
1 minute
The Siren of the Apparition The Siren of the Apparition

The Siren of the Apparition

A family discovers their new home is inhabited by a mischievous entity.
9 minutes
AbSolved - Ep. 4: Lost & Found AbSolved - Ep. 4: Lost & Found

AbSolved - Ep. 4: Lost & Found

Father Demetrius follows the girl to where she died. Her mother, Sarah, unexpectedly shows up. Demetrius and Sarah talk about her daughter's disappearance, when he learns about Ayana Greene. He finds them, and they become absolved.
15 minutes
Captain Massive Captain Massive

Captain Massive

When an aging super hero's obsession with his young secretary leads to the murder of a celebrity dietician, Captain Massive and his roommates embark on a pointless journey of self discovery, where nothing is gained and no one learns a thing.
11 minutes
Heavy Head Heavy Head

Heavy Head

Step inside the minds of people living with different mental health conditions. Each episode presents a new narrative with new characters that explores a different mental health condition. Heavy Head offers the unique experience of hearing what it's like to live with a specific mental health condition. Listen to learn more about the affect these conditions have not only on the person living with the condition, but also their loved ones.
27 minutes
Left of the Dial Left of the Dial

Left of the Dial

When a "War of the Worlds"-style on-air stunt goes wrong, a disgraced radio hotshot is forced to leave Los Angeles and move back home to try and resurrect her career at the station that developed her in the small town that resents her.
50 minutes
Spilled Paint Spilled Paint

Spilled Paint

A painter, who has a hundred-thousand dollar debt owed to a crime boss, has one week to paint a masterpiece to pay off his debt or face the consequences. Comedy-Drama
45 minutes
Whisperling Whisperling


Middle School Student Quinn Bell and her fox spirit companion, Spark, are forced to solve two mysteries. One of her best friends has been framed as an arsonist, and a flying metal monster has begun terrorizing the fairies that live outside her window. Now the pair must solve both problems, all while dealing with problems with her family at home.
31 minutes

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